A Week Away!

It’s getting closer! Western Canada’s best music festival is only 7 days away and CFUV is gearing up to cover 4 days of musical talent, comedy and much more, so remember to stay tuned to CFUV (and check this blog) for festival details. For now, we’ve got some suggestions of what to do, eat, buy, drink and look at while you’re not enjoying the fabulous lineup. These suggestions are taken from Sled Island’s own guide to Calgary, and we’ll have of our own later on. Enjoy!

Eat: Tubby Dog, The Coup, Café Koi, Gratitude Café, Red’s, Dairy Lane.

Buy: Purr, Dick & Jane’s, Leo, Blame Betty, Gravity Pope, Melodiya, Sloth, Recordland and Hot Wax.

Drink: Café deVille, Phil & Sebastian, Artigiano, Bumpy’s, Beano, Insomnia, Kawa, Milk Tiger, Ship and Anchor, Local 510 and Hop In Brew.

Look: Stephen Avenue (Fashion Central, high end shopping, fascinating architecture), Glenbow Museum, Calgary Tower.


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