Who am I seeing?

Well I have arrived in Calgary Alberta! I am Dj Craftyass from CFUV and will be blogging about the festival with my co-blogger “promocord” aka Michelle!

Something to start this post off. Did you know that Alberta is “RAT FREE“? I didn’t but I guess its a big deal and they work really hard to make sure no rat enters the province and if they do they are on it making sure they are exterminated. I grew up in Calgary and never knew this!

The most common question I get from people when I tell them I’m going to Sled Island is “Who are you going to see?” For todays post I though I would highlight who I am most excited to see out of the headliners and in subsequent posts I will also highlight some of the smaller acts (but equally as awesome).


This act has been around since 1993 and hail from New York. They have 8 albums todate and their latest Penny Sparkle was released in 2010. There sound is up beat rock with soft echoing lyrics, they are playing twice at Sled Island: Wed @ Distillery 12AM, Thur @ Republik 12:30Am


This quartet is an all girl outfit who have only release one full length album todate but has been on everyones tongues since then. They followed up their I Will Be in 2010 with a EP He Gets Me High in 2011. They bring a lo-fi 60’s sound to rock, have bad ass leather jackets and shimmy dance moves. What more could a girl want? Shows on Wed @ Distillery 11PM, Thur @ Legion Down 12:30AM


This Flemish-Eye hopeful is a new act to the scene since 2011 with their first full length Native Speaker. Their music took a couple of listens for me to appreciate them and when I did the album didn’t leave the cd player for weeks. This is a great summer album and I’m excited to catch them live at Sled Island because I have heard amazing things about their live performances. They better serve lemonade at some of their shows! Wed @ Central United Church 9PM, Fri @ Marquee Room 11:30PM.


Brooklyn’s experimental noise rock will be in Calgary and hopefully playing tracks from their latest album Constant Future which was released earlier this year on Jagjaguwar records (same label as Black Mountain, Bon Iver and Julie Doiron). They have released  7 albums to-date and each one a stellar psych/noise rock out. Shows at Fri @ Broken City 11:30pm.