Films at Sled Island!

Went to the films at the Plaza Theatre last night as part of the Sled Island experience.

The first film Firewall of Sound by Director Devin Dimattia was a Canadian Premiere. The film weighed out the pros and cons of the digitization of music and the internet and its effect on the music industry for both musicians and label companies. The film featured Julian Koster, Mac McCaughan, Perry Wright, and Roberto Lange. I only wish my Sled Island Crew was here so we could have discussed the film afterwards!

The second film of the night was Everything Louder Than Everything Else Directed by Rob Leickner in its Alberta Premiere. The film is a narrative about a woman’s experience running a indie rock recording studio, yet felt more like a satire about the indie rock scene and the musical geeks who inhabit it. The film busted out some funny moments that flirt with aspects of my job in the music industry. An interesting look from the outside of how us music nerds are viewed. It featured  musical/acting performances from Steve McBean (from Pink Mountain Tops and Black Mountain)  and home town boy Ryan Beattie (Frog Eyes, Himalayan Bear)!

Tonight I’m checking out:

New Jerusalem @ 7Pm Which is co-presented by the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Colour Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements @9PM

Check back tomorrow for some more Sled Island FUN!