A Standing Ovation for Yamantaka//Sonic Titan

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan at The Theatre Junction Grand, Sled Island 2012
Photo by Ali Lopez

When YT//ST was released off Psychic Handshake Records in late 2011, there was an immediate and rushed increase in curiosity with “where did these guys come from?” ringing in the air. The Montreal/ Toronto based collective Yamantaka//Sonic Titan had created a buzz for themselves, and just in time for everyones 2011 Top 10 album lists; they certainly ranked high for most DJ’s at CFUV.

They’re performances in the past had been characterized as spectacles, involving theatrics, performance art and artistic stage elements, with all this and the reputable full-length preceding them; their performance at this years Sled Island was one show I was hard set on catching. The packed Theatre Junction Grand  was transported as YT//ST paraded Chinese Dragons, colourful Japanese fan work, and a thrashing, shreded garbage bag, in front of a hypnotic, spiraling screen. They lulled us with chants and operatic vocal harmonies, interwoven into hard, spastic drumming and fuzzy guitar riffs that could make any thrasher proud.

They’re theatrically painted faces bowed stoically as the theatre jumped to their feet to escort the collective off the stage with their praise and cheers. Later in the night many festival goers relayed the praise to those who were not in attendance solidifying Yamantaka//Sonic Titan as a true highlight of this years festival.


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