Sled Island 2013

Unh! Yea! Who’s ready for Sled Island 2013?!? I said who’s ready for SLED…ISLAND…THIR-TEE-EEEEN?!?! Yea!

Pitchfork media would definitely approve of this line-up, and that ain’t no bad thing. Avant-garde brass instrumentalist Colin Stetson and a 2.5 hour set by Swans on Wednesday! Can’t say no to that.

And what would a hipster rock festival be without an obligatory onslaught of indie garage/punk rock? So on Thursday we’re gonna be checking out Thee Oh Sees-approved Warm Soda followed by indie hedonist Mac DeMarco. The sassy TheeSatisfaction‘s hip-hop set should be stellar, as will be the uplifting heavy metal act Torche. Maybe, if I’m feeling it, I’ll even check out punk rockers White Lung.

Friday’s gonna be busy. Unh! The Beets early in the afternoon. Then Tim Hecker-approved Rene Hell. One of my favourite albums of last year, Clear Moon by Mount Eerie, gonna be blasting at me next. Then things get tricky. Jerusalem In My Heart, Thee Oh Sees, Tim Hecker, Joel Plaskett Emergency, and The Blind Shake all gonna be vying for my attention. Who’s it gonna be? I don’t know. But I’ll definitely be making it to Metz to rock out with some early Nirvana-sounding punk/grunge. Yea!

Saturday’s gonna be mad tight. Indie garage rock weirdos Brazilian Money playing in the evening. Preceded by Akron/Family (yo, are these bros gonna be doing a collab with Swans on Wednesday?). And then indie rock super-duo Divine Fits to conclude the festival. Yea! Crazy carpets…knowhatimean?


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