Girls Fronting Sled Island

Wow. What a night! Started it off checking out the Artist Lounge at Henry’s (one of the festivals sponsors) on 4th, such a welcoming spot for our thirsty selves. Then had some eats then headed out to catch the first show of the festival Sans AIDS from Edmonton. They had a Victorian artist fill in for the second guitarist and had a girl working the sound machine filling out the feminine feel of the festival.

Then I picked up my co-pilot and rushed over to catch Braids perform at the Downtown United Church. It was great to catch this Calgary band play at a venue that could really amplify their amazing sound. The lead singer seemed a little ticked off at the crowd which made for an awkward vibe in the crowd for the last couple of songs, but boy did they give it their all.

Next up we rushed over to catch the Ketamines at the Palomino, which included a female bass player and keyboardist, who brought to the table some awesome hip shaking rock and roll.

After that I caught the Dum Dum Girls in all their black dress glory at the Distillery.  Wow did that drummer ever blow me away,  such a rock star goddess. I can now only strive to be half as cool as they all were. I stuck around to catch Blonde Redhead. After waiting a while for them to figure out some technical stuff, I was soon realizing it was all worth the wait. This band which is fronted by a female guitarist and singer and two Italian twin brothers was AMAZING, their music is usaully reserved for lazy afternoons, but the rock show they put on can only be experience live to understand how technical and talented this band is. It was a pleasure to be able to see them live.

I headed back over to the Palomino to see if I could catch Friendo but missed them and caught the Crocodiles instead. MORE AMAZING music! This town knows how to throw a party.

We ended the night off right with some greasy pizza and crashed hard. Getting ready today for another long and crazy night here in Calgary!

Get your passes if you haven’t or day passes at Sloth Records and Henry’s.


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